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    The next generation of precise mcx calls is here today! Our Technology is a fully adjustable high frequency algorithm technology with build in loss recovery features for your trading account protection.

    Tips Wala is build on proven high frequency trading algorithms to enter and exit market positions with great accuracy.We together with our Neural Technology will reduce the possibility of missed entries and unexpected market fluctuations which will result in an enhanced precise calls experience provide even greater returns and reduced losses.


    Performance Alnalysis

    We have very experienced technical analyst in our team for each segment so that we can provide you accurate entry and exit point for your profitable trade.

    Financial Consulting

    We Provide best possible support to our clients so that you can make money using our services. Real time trade support, Whats app updates, etc.

    Technical Analysis

    Expert traders use specific technical indicators for commodity trading. One of the most significant technical indicators is the Average Trading Price or ATP. It serves as a “support level”.


    Thanks to the dedicated team to help me make more money. I signed up their service six months back and now i am making money like i never made before.


    -Sumit Sharma


    I signed up the jackpot pack and it was very beneficial for me. Great service by you guys.


    -Anil Mahajan


    It was a good experience with this company. given calls where profit making and i made a good amount of profit.


    -Anita Kumari


    unfortunately i purchased small package so could not make good money but call’s accuracy was superb they gave me full value of my money


    -Rohit Sharma


    Their support team is superb. they know how protect money and they provide good quality calls.


    -Ankit Joshi


    At initial stage neha gave me calls which lead to loss for me but later she gave me calls which recovered my loss and i made good money.


    -Ashish Agrawal

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